The Best Sandwich One Could Ask For

A delicious sandwich shop that will undoubtedly leave you satisfied is a restaurant that everyone looks for to enjoy a meal every now and then. The absolute best place to go for a top class sandwich is Los Gatos Meats. Unique, authentic, flavorful, and fairly priced are all words that describe Los Gatos Meats. This gem of a restaurant is, as you can infer, located in the beautiful Los Gatos, California. The origin of these good tasting meat sandwiches begins on University Avenue. Often times if you are near it you might be lucky enough to catch a savory whiff of the frequent aroma of a chef outside barbecuing yet another perfectly done tri tip steak.   

 The main attribute that makes Los Gatos Meats one of a kind is the consistent quality of their food. Many other sandwich shops have less quality in their food due to the fact that they have more restaurants around the country. Two good examples of this are Subway and Togos. They aren’t bad at all and I do go there sometimes, but it frankly just doesn’t compare to what you are getting at Los Gatos Meats. Los Gatos Meats- hence the name- is only located in Los Gatos which allows it to be focused solely on making their food the best.


Even with a vast menu, they manage to make every single sandwich top quality. I can vouch for many of their sandwiches that have satisfied my stomach over the years. To list a few: The Rollie, Triple Bypass, Superhero, and the JJ Special are my favorites. The other amazing thing about this place is that I can wholeheartedly say I have never left disappointed. Every single time I have thoroughly enjoyed my sandwich. My usual order is the Superhero. Slices of tri tip steak layered with cheese, avocado, bacon, and bbq sauce smothered in between a dutch crunch roll is equivalent to biting into a piece of warm heaven. The flavors jump into your mouth instantly.

The next thing that makes Los Gatos Meats the best is that they are really filling for a fair price. Almost all sandwiches except for the “Quad” are under ten dollars. Not only are they priced well but the amount of food you receive is plentiful. The sandwiches are thick with all of the juicy ingredients squeezed perfectly together. To provide evidence, I am a big eater and whenever I go to Los Gatos Meats I am left feeling full and often even a little sleepy due to how satisfying the sandwich was.

Furthermore, they also feature in barbecuing meats only. If you wanted to go pick up a bunch of meat of any kind you name it they have it. It will certainly be grilled or smoked to perfection.

Lastly, they have great service. The employees are always smiling and seem genuinely interested in making your meal experience positive. The service is quick and efficient even despite having to deal with many orders at a time. To sum up, Los Gatos Meats is a unworldly sandwich factory that leaves a lasting impression on everyone. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to go try it out. You won’t regret it.



2 thoughts on “The Best Sandwich One Could Ask For

  1. That was just outstanding AP. I could totally taste those sanwhiches because of your picture perfect explanation. Hope to see more blogs like these from you this summer. Good stuff my dude.


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