Blog Update April 14th

Last week we ventured down to San Francisco to pick up trash there. The streets there had lots of trash which was good for us but bad in terms of our Earth’s health. What is worse is there were many people walking the streets and nobody was bothering to pick up trash they saw and put it in a nearby trash can. San Francisco is one of California’s most famous cities. It includes many beautiful landmarks such as the Golden Gate bridge. It would be a shame if we were so lazy and naive as a society that we allowed this city along with many others to be littered with stray cups and candy wrappers. Staying there for an hour or so, we managed to pick up a good amount of trash. Since there were many people walking about we got comments like “good job” and “you guys are setting a good example for us all.” Hopefully we managed to inspire a few people to realize that our world doesn’t magically stay clean and we each need to do our part.Placeholder Image


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