Project Update 5

These past two weeks have been very busy for Austin, Eric and I. However, we still managed to go to different local places to pick up trash despite our schedules not linking up. I went to Almaden Lake Park and Vasona Park. I went after school last Monday and there was hardly any people there which made it very peaceful. As I picked up trash I listened to music and thought about life. The time passed by quickly and soon I had a good amount of trash in my bag. Lugging the white plastic bag over my shoulder I headed back to the car to drive home. Meanwhile Eric went to Manresa beach to do his share of picking up trash. Between all of us we have totaled out at 100 ounces of trash. The end of this project is coming and soon we will be doing our presentation on the effect of it. I’m excited to share the results with everyone because I believe that we contributed to a good cause. 



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