Not what I expected

As I continue to read the novel, Ready Player One I continue to gain curiosity and interest into what happens next. As people control their virtual avatars in order to try to find the hidden treasure uncovered by finding the keys to three gates the battle gets dirty. A group has formed known as the sixers who are malevolent and go as far as killing people to get to the hidden treasure. However, Wade Watts and his friends are staying true to their morals and continuing to try and find the treasure individually and fairly. Even though the book makes you curious as to who will end up winning the fortune, it’s not totally what I expected. I chose the book because I wanted to read something about how technology effects a society but it’s more about this virtual video game Oasis. In my opinion it’s too much about the virtual game and the path to finding the treasure than I wanted but I could see how some people enjoy it.


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