Project Update 4

This week we stopped by Almaden Park. It was a lot easier to find time for all of us to go since we didn’t have school the whole week. It was a sunny day when we went and it made being at the park enjoyable. There was a few people and families there also trying to enjoy the rare sunny day in a month filled with rain. As we always do we started to fill our bags with stray pieces of trash we picked up off the ground. Covering the whole park from one side to another we managed to pick up almost all the trash. At the end we ended up having all three of our bags filled. All together after weighing it at Eric’s house we totaled 18 ounces of trash!  Helping the environment never fails to make me  feel good. This project only has three more updates left but I know that I will always continue helping out the Earth any way I can.



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