Humans of Denmark

“What can you tell us about your first love?”

My very first love was so far my only love. He is a handsome, royal descendant. His young vibrancy and kind soul make him a perfect man. His name is Hamlet Jr. he is the son of Hamlet Sr. who passed away very recently. Growing up in Denmark, there isn’t a lot of men who I find worthy to have my love. However, Hamlet is beyond worthy. My father and brother constantly tell me that he is not good for me and his love is reminiscent to a burning fire that will only last a short while. However, I know in my heart that that is not true. Our love is true and what we have will last for eternity. I will have to take the lords advice of my father but I can’t bear to have it stand in the way of Hamlet and my love. Hamlet is my first love be and I believe to be my only one.


Image result for hamlet and ophelia love


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