Ready Player One predictions

Today I started a new book called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I finished my previous book Gone which was just satisfactory and I wouldn’t strongly recommend it to anybody. It was sort of a childish plot and not believable at all having almost all the people off the Earth disappear and there are kids with super powers. In Ready Player One it revolves around the main character who is a boy named Wade Watts. He lives in a poor home and his father passed away when he was very young. The novel seems to be about everyone’s simultaneous hunt for the hidden treasure in the video game “Oasis.” The creator of the game died and before he passed away he left clues inside this virtual reality game to find his treasure. I believe that Wade will go on an adventure to find this fortune. Cline has already hinted to how he would have an advantage at doing so. He comments on how Wade likes the same things as the creator, Anarok, such as the same TV show. In brief this looks like an interesting new book.


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