Sonnet Blog #29 Translation


In William Shakespeare’s twenty ninth sonnet he describes his life as going completely downhill in terms of his situation financially. In the video the actor that plays Shakespeare looks at the door to his theater and sees that his play is closing. He feels heart broken and immediately envies everyone around him. The video helps show the readers this envy by showing Shakespeare entering a bar and looking around at all the other happy, laughing people thinking that they all have it better than him. For example, Shakespeare writes “Desiring this man’s art, and that man’s scope.”  Evidently, he is wanting what others appear to have because of his disappointment. However, then he realizes that he has much more than them because he is rich in love. I believe Shakespeare hints that love and relationships are what really matter in life and in that aspect he is wealthier then them. To describe that belief he writes, “For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings.” In conclusion, Sonnet 29 refers to the fact that if you have love no matter how much money you have you are rich. The video helps to explain that by showing a man who is sad become happy after having a realization that he has love.

Image result for people with love water view



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