20Time Update 2: January 13

Our first stop was the popular Seascape beach. We descended down the sandy, wooden stairs on our way to the beach in search of stray pieces of trash. Austin, Eric and I all lugged our trash bags and gloves as we began to pick up the unfortunately abundant amount of trash. Even though we weren’t necessarily loving picking up the trash, I have to admit it felt good knowing that we were helping out. In addition, we could enjoy the view of the ocean and the peaceful sound of the waves while we were working. Two people even commented on our good deed. Maybe on the first day we had already managed to inspire two people. A few days later we headed to a closer location at Vasona Park. It appeared as though a lot of previous picnickers had left trash behind. Proceeding to repeatedly pick up their leftovers and put it in our bag the park soon looked a lot nicer. After we went to Eric’s house to weigh all of our trash. We ended up with 28 ounces with 3 hours of work for our first deliverable.


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