Project Update

Our project is one that we feel will benefit the Earth as well as the positive and helping spirit of our society. We are going to pick up trash at parks and beaches around the bay area in an effort to make our community appear nicer and help conserve our beautiful planet. So far we have mapped out all the places we are planning to go during the course of our project. Also, we have taken pictures of our preparation such as the map and our supplies that we will be using. We are going to be getting our supplies by calling this number from a commercial that gives you free supplies to help pick up trash. In addition, we plan to get a lot of positive results from this project. We intend to reach a certain weight of trash each few weeks and take pictures of ourselves while doing it. As a result, our community will look cleaner and the Earth will be more taken care of. Also, we hope to inspire others that see us helping the environment to do the same themselves. I, as well as the rest of my group am really excited to help out.


File:Trash problem on Perhentian Kecil beach.JPG


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